Message from the Founder

Welcome to Apex Financial Services Group! In today's complex world and often changing financial landscape, the experience, clear vision, and objective advice of a qualified advisor can help you reach your goals. Additionally, there are many financial institutions where it is easy to feel like just another account number. At Apex Financial Services Group, we understand and believe that every single one of our clients is extremely important. Our goal is to make sure you feel you have found a home, and that our long-term commitment to you can help you make your dreams a reality. We believe that the foundation of a strong and long-standing relationship is having a clear understanding of our client's financial situation, goals and objectives, clear communication, exceptional service, commitment and honesty.

We believe, that in light of all circumstances, we would recommend the same course of action, or provide the service which, had we been in the same situation, would have applied to ourselves.

Please contact us for a complimentary review, with any questions, or to simply get to    know us a little better.


Juan Carlos Rosario
Founder & President